Worland, WY Towing Company

Worland, WY towing

Specialty Towing services all points in Worland and much of Washakie County, WY with 24/7/365 automobile towing, automobile roadside service, commercial towing, and Equipment Hauling.

They’ve got a complete Worland, WY tow truck fleet to serve your every towing need. Got a lifted truck or jeep you need hauled into or out of Worland, WY? No worries. Their experienced tow truck operators know how to handle oversized trucks and other vehicles with top-notch Worland, WY service. Seeking roadside assistance on into or around Worland? Specialty Towing has got Worland, WY roads covered. Need a licensed towing company to tow your car, truck, or van from the airport or community college? Just give their 24/7/365 towing dispatch a call.

Whether you need a semi truck hauled to around town or to Casper, a batter jump on in town, or your vehicle towed from the Cloud Peak Primitive Area, Specialty Towing is your Worland, WY source to call when you need a tow truck fast.

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Does Specialty Towing use flatbed tow trucks in Worland, WY?

Yes, Specialty Towing often dispatches flatbed tow trucks to Worland, WY for automobile towing. In the towing industry, flatbed tow trucks are sometimes referred to as rollback trucks or slide tow trucks. They have a variety of tow trucks in their Worland, WY fleet—including semi tow trucks, and medium-duty tow trucks.

Something You Might Not Know About Worland, WY

Worland was originally settled as a stagecoach stop called Camp Worland in 1900. It was named for an early settler, C.H. “Dad” Worland. Worland is also the launch point for the Cloud Peak Wilderness Area which has almost 300 square miles of primitive land and includes several hundred lakes. Specialty Towing provides towing within Worland and at all trailhead points into the Cloud Peak National Forest.

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